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Business Planning & Entity Formation
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With the proper business structure, you can protect your personal assets, and
have a better tax position.

We assist clients in planning business ventures from a legal perspective.  We
provide a broad range of  advice from the analysis of a particular venture, to the
selection of the legal entity structure.

Without the right business structure, everything you have worked so hard to
build could be lost.

There are several different types of entities that are available , including
Corporations, Limited Liability Companies (LLCs), Limited Partnerships, Registered
Limited Liability Partnerships, Professional Associations.  We take the time to visit
with you to determine which entity best fits your needs.

Aside from entity selection, we can also help you evaluate prospective business
ideas and transactions.  We can advise you on the different options you may have
in the business that you are seeking.

Please fill out our
request for information form for your free information package
about the different business structures that are available to you. After you
receive the information package, contact our office to schedule an appointment
so we may advise you on the best structure for your business venture.