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The Road Map To Rich
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Do you want to be RICH?  “The Road Map to Rich” is right book.  Here is an
opportunity to find out what a successful lawyer, investor and entrepreneur advises
his clients about getting rich.
Are you up to the challenge of being in business for yourself.  Discover what you
need to know before you get started.  

The Road Map to Rich will teach you how you can become a millionaire in real
estate with the use of time and a little money.  You will learn about different types
of properties and how these properties can help you get Rich, from finding property
to evaluating and financing the project.

You don’t want to lose what you have worked so hard to gain.  Protecting your
assets from the beginning is the best way to stay rich.

You Know You Want To Be RICH.  Start with The Road Map to Rich.
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This book will guide you to starting you own business, and investing in
real estate.  You will be guided on starting a business part time and
holding on to your “day job” until the new business takes off.   Order
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  • Blog by Gerry W. Beyer, Governor Preston E. Smith Regents Professor of
    Law, Texas Tech Univ. School of Law

  • "Strategy is the key to attaining success through bridging the gap between
    vision and reality. This book offers valuable strategy to create your own plan
    that fulfills your dream of financial abundance. These highly relevant road
    map guidelines are complemented with the insights of entrepreneurial and
    legal expertise in a well-designed framework that should help you realize your
    financial goals.

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Job Loss, Recession, Bear Markets.

The best way to combat job insecurity,
recession and a plunging stock market is to
take control of your financial destiny.  
Start your life on the road to financial
independence with The Road Map To Rich.