Comprehensive Estate And Business Law Services

Many people only think of hiring a lawyer when something needs to be fixed. I see things differently. I am attorney Joseph Michael Dickerson of Laredo, Texas. Colleagues tell me I'm a different kind of lawyer: I like building things, rather breaking things apart. Since graduating from St. Mary's University School of Law in San Antonio in 1995, I have always focused my career on helping people prevent problems now, so they don't have to fix them later.

Today, I am a Texas board-certified estate planning attorney. Most people know that estate planning law firms help you with wills. But my firm takes a much larger picture. When we sit down together, we will discuss your comprehensive life goals, including:

  • Ways to make sure your business will remain under ownership and operational control of your family. We also offer mediation services to help resolve disputes outside of trial.
  • Strategies for reducing your taxes now and making sure your heirs and beneficiaries aren't burdened with taxes when you die.
  • Guardianship and legal instruments that allow you to make decisions on behalf of elderly or incapacitated loved ones in your family.
  • Transactional concerns about passing on the title to your home, purchasing a residential or commercial parcel of property, or selling your real estate investment.

Comprehensive Services For Complex Lives

Yes, I can help you with one or two individual services, but circumstances in life overlap. The J.M. Dickerson Law Firm PLLC stitches the seams together.

Call me at 956-267-4516 or use the convenient email contact form to arrange an opportunity to discuss your life's goals. Se Habla Español.


*Certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization